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Battery packs have a broad set of requirements that align well with Schaeffler's core technologies.

Battery packs are a complex component of modern electric vehicles. They consist of control systems, thermal systems, mechanical structures, state-of-the-art battery cells, and system integration. This broad set of requirements aligns well with Schaeffler's core technologies and offers many opportunities to apply innovation to improve performance, safety, and reliability.

Our product lineup includes a battery management system that incorporates intelligent algorithms supported by the deep knowledge acquired by Schaeffler's battery cell team. This means that we understand the chemistry and physical characteristics of the cell, and we perform performance and lifecycle testing in-house. We can also conduct post-mortem analysis to tune battery models and define appropriate usage profiles.


  • Technology for future integration of solid state battery cells
  • Incorporation of next generation cooling to support fast charging
  • Intelligent algorithms including per cell SoC, SoH, and dynamic current limits to maximize performance throughout life
  • Mature design and manufacturing processes following automotive standards


  • Integration of advanced stamping technology to improve mass, weight and cost
  • Made to specification designs
  • Applicable to wide range of automotive and industrial applications
  • Design for serviceability and second life to minimize environmental impact

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