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Schaeffler Adds New FAG Split Cylindrical Roller Bearing Housed Assembly to Its Portfolio of Split Bearings and Mounted Products 

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FAG Split Cylindrical Roller Bearings are split into halves for easy mounting and dismounting. Easy on, easy off means less downtime!

2022-06-01 | Fort Mill, SC

  • New FAG Split Cylindrical Roller Bearing eliminates many of the steps and complications involved in replacing conventional solid bearings
  • Drop-in solution for competitive split cylindrical roller bearings
  • Made in USA

As part of the ongoing expansion of its portfolio of split roller bearings and mounted products, global automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler has launched its all-new FAG Split Cylindrical Roller Bearing Housed Assembly. Offering all the performance and features of conventional solid cylindrical roller bearings (CRBs), FAG Split Cylindrical Roller Bearings provide the added benefits of being easily mounted and dismounted on a shaft. For customers, this solution can offer significant savings in downtime caused by bearing replacement.

Engineered and manufactured as a split design to directly interchange with solid roller bearings
Replacing a traditional non-split roller bearing is a complex procedure that involves removing gears or couplings, taking off drives and gearboxes, cutting off the old bearing and, frequently, stripping the line shafting. Converting to Schaeffler’s all-new FAG Split Cylindrical Roller Bearings eliminates many of these complications because they are engineered and manufactured in halves – so they offer the benefit of being able to be easily assembled around a shaft. As a result, bearing installation and inspection can be accomplished with little to no disturbance of a machine’s other components and systems. Consequently, the risk of damage or having to realign adjacent equipment is virtually eliminated. Best of all, FAG Split Cylindrical Roller Bearings are interchangeable with many conventional (non-split) roller bearings as well as most competitors’ split designs.

Significant and quick return on investment
“Bearing replacement, while necessary, stops machines in their tracks,” says Rob Schoenherr, Schaeffler Americas senior product manager for mounted products. “By eliminating many of the steps involved in replacing traditional solid bearings, FAG Split Cylindrical Roller Bearings can quickly pay for themselves – many times over.”

Versatile, durable complete housing assembly – made in the USA
Manufactured in the USA – with housings made from powder coated high-strength 65-45-12 ductile iron (with steel available upon request) – the complete bearing housing assembly consists of:

  • The housing unit, which holds and supports the cartridge and bearing assembly.
  • The cartridge, which contains the bearing assembly and seals.
  • High-performance, triple labyrinth seals that keep grease in and contaminants out.
  • The bearing assembly, which contains the inner race, clamp collars that hold the inner race halves, roller cage with rollers, outer race.

The FAG Cylindrical Roller Bearing cartridge and housing are self-aligning, which means they can externally accommodate up to ±3° of misalignment. Meanwhile, the bearing assembly features rolling elements as well as inner and outer races that are made from through-hardened steel, a high carbon chrome low-alloy steel that provides excellent load bearing strength and wear characteristics as well as an inherent ability to withstand impact-load conditions. Moreover, all FAG Split Cylindrical Roller Bearings are available in inch (17/16” to 16”) and metric (40 mm to 300 mm) sizes, while larger sizes (up to 32”) and special designs can be accommodated as well.

All FAG Split Cylindrical Roller Bearings, regardless of shaft size or series, are available in fixed versions (which control the shaft axially) and floating versions (which offer more freedom of movement and help compensate for misalignments or thermal expansion/contraction).

“Together with our unmatched lineup of split spherical roller bearings, the addition of our new Split Cylindrical Roller Bearing Assembly enables Schaeffler to offer the most appropriate split bearing solution for virtually any customer application,” notes Rob Schoenherr.

Publisher: Schaeffler Group USA Inc.
Country: USA

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