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Technical Product Information | 2016-12
Induction Units with Medium Frequency Technology (MFT)

Thermal tools

Induction units with medium frequency technology

The FAG heating device with medium frequency technology gives rapid, simple and effective heating of medium-sized to large rolling bearings and similar steel parts for mounting and dismounting. The device always comprises two parts: an inductor and a generator. The inductor can be of a flexible design or fixed design. The fixed design is particularly suitable for batch applications. The flexible design of inductor can be wound around the components. The flexible inductor can also be used with subframes to rationalise repetitive work. Overall, this gives a wide range of applications.


Each device is designed for the specific application and is fitted, depending on the workpiece, with flexible or fixed inductors. Due to its compact construction, the device can also be used for mobile operation. The device can therefore be moved to the location of the workpiece. It can therefore be used, for example, at construction sites for wind turbines or for other large components that are difficult to transport.


Mounting / Dismounting:

Thermal dismounting of a cylindrical inner ring. FAG Medium frequency heating device, FAG Transport and mounting tool.


Examples of the use of medium frequency technology include:

  • heating of bearings for mounting and dismounting
  • batch dismounting of bearing inner rings and labyrinth rings, for example in the case of wheelset bearings in rail vehicles
  • dismounting of bearing inner rings from traction motors in rail vehicles
  • heating of large components, for example bearings or bearing seats in wind turbines
  • heating of roll rings and couplings, for example in steelworks
  • loosening of shrink fit connections

The advantages of the heating device with medium frequency technology are as follows:

  • suitable for mounting
  • suitable for dismounting
  • operating frequency from 10 kHz to 25 kHz
  • efficiency of the generator higher than 90%
  • low energy requirements
  • short heating times
  • control of heating according to time and temperature
  • automatic demagnetisation
  • flexible and fixed inductors available
  • suitable for use either inside or outside component
  • lower mains connection power than heating devices with mains frequency
  • almost silent
  • air-cooled system

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