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Belt pulley alignment device

Publication | 2010-12
FAG Top-Laser SMARTY2, FAG Top-Laser TRUMMY2
A strong double act – for alignment and tensioning of belt drives


Technical Product Information | 2014-02
FAG Alignment Tools


Manual (mounting, operation) | 2013-10
User manual: FAG Top-Laser SMARTY2
Measuring device for the alignment of belt drives


Belt pulley alignment device

FAG Top-Laser SMARTY2 is a line laser for the alignment of belt pulleys and chain sprockets with a diameter larger than 60 mm.

Alignment of belt pulleys and chain sprockets reduces wear and energy losses in traction drives and the associated bearings and seals. Less heat is generated and the running time and reliability of the machinery is increased.

The features of the line laser are as follows:

  • The parallelism and misalignment of both pulleys are displayed.
  • Both horizontally and vertically mounted belt pulleys can be aligned.
  • Alignment is significantly quicker and more precise than with conventional methods.
  • Only one person is required for alignment.
  • The measuring device adheres by magnetism to the pulleys.
  • The device can also be used on non-magnetic sprockets or pulleys. Due to the low mass, the emitter and target marks can be easily attached to non-magnetic drive pulleys using strong, double-sided adhesive tape.

The laser beam can be clearly seen on the target marks. Once the laser beam is adjusted to coincide with the slots in the target marks, the machine is correctly aligned.

The target marks are available in optical and electronic versions. In the case of electronic target marks, the adjustment values are shown in the digital display in real time. Misalignments are presented in degrees, the parallelism offset is presented in mm.

Do not look into the laser beam or point the laser beam into another person’s eyes.



Alignment and tensioning of belt drives. FAG Belt pulley alignment device, FAG Belt tension measuring device.


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