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Accessory drive

Tensioning and guide rails

For large and also for small distances between the driving and driven shafts, it is advisable to use guide rails that calm the chain in the areas between the sprockets. Furthermore, depending on the type of tensioner (linear or rotary tensioner), tensioning rails or pads are used in accessory drives to transmit the force of the tensioner to the chain. The chain slides with little friction and wear over a plastic sliding layer. Both the available space and the loads acting on the rail are decisive in determining the material to be used for the load-bearing substructure of the rail.

The following options are available:

  • single component load-bearing body made from plastic
  • load-bearing body made from fibre-reinforced plastic
  • load-bearing body made from aluminium
  • load-bearing body made from sheet steel

Finite element calculations and related analyses can be used to achieve maximum rigidity while maintaining minimal cost and design space. Mounting on the engine is matched individually to the conditions present.


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