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Demands are high and downtime is expensive

High vehicle uptimes and low total cost of ownership are at the top of the list for fleet operators and transport companies. The business of road transport, therefore, needs a professional partner with dependable solutions. And this is where we come in: our wide range of components and repair solutions, specifically for heavy commercial vehicles, not only offer you products in original-equipment quality. Our intelligent solutions extend service intervals, lower downtimes and increase vehicle utilization, which in turn contributes to a significant drop in the total cost of ownership.

Optimal transmission of power, even under extreme conditions

Our comprehensive portfolio contains everything you need for the professional transmission repair of commercial vehicles. From repair solutions for clutch systems, to transmission components and steering parts, we offer products tuned to work perfectly together.

Clutch System

Our products for the drivetrain are the ideal solution for the specific requirements of heavy commercial vehicles. Outstanding quality and durability ensure less downtime and longer mileage ultimately reducing the total cost of ownership of the vehicle.

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Our dependable transmission components are the ideal solution for professional repair of commercial vehicle gearboxes. Once installed, they deliver optimal power transmission under high load conditions.

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Longer service life and less vibrations

Our dependable solutions for repairing commercial vehicle engines not only improve driving comfort and driving dynamics, they considerably lower fuel consumption, lengthen maintenance intervals and service life as well.

Front End Auxiliary Drive

Optimal damping in the front end auxiliary drive is the job of our dependable belt-drive components for commercial vehicles. Despite the high load conditions caused by commercial-vehicle engines, our components reduce vibrations in the auxiliary drive and increase the service life of the surrounding engine parts.

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Improved driving comfort and smooth chassis operation

Our repair solutions for the chassis segment ensure an improvement in driving dynamics, even in large commercial vehicles, and get power from the transmission optimally to the road despite heavy weight.

Wheel Bearing

Our wheel bearings are known for defying the effects of weather and bad road conditions. Once installed, they improve handling. Our service compact insert unit, the FAG RIU, makes available for the first time a pre-assembled and lubricated wheel-bearing unit for fast and easy replacement of commercial vehicle bearings.

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Pinion bearing and differential mounts can absorb and compensate for the forces that occur during commercial vehicle operation. They ensure optimal transmission of power, smooth operation and better driving comfort. Through their rigid nature, they help prevent gear damage and follow-up repairs.

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