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Mounting and Dismounting


Transport and mounting tool

The transport and mounting tool BEARING-MATE, is an accessory for the easy handling of medium-sized and large rolling bearings. It can also be used in the heating of bearings prior to mounting.

The tool comprises two handles and two steel strips. The steel strips are tightly clamped on the outer ring of the bearing. During transport of spherical roller bearings and self-aligning ball bearings, tilting of the inner rings is prevented by the brackets supplied.

The bearing together with the tool is carried by either two people or by means of a crane. While it is being transported by crane, the bearing is suspended by the tool using the carrying slings and can be rotated into any position required.

The bearing can remain in the tool during heating. It expands to the same extent as the bearing.

The tool can be used for bearings up to a mass of 500 kg and at temperatures up to +160 °C.



The heat-resistant gloves are particularly suitable for the handling of heated rolling bearings or other heated components in mounting and dismounting. The gloves are cut-resistant and durable.

Gloves GLOVE-PRO are resistant up to +150 °C. If the main priority is protection of hands against high temperatures, the heat-insulating gloves GLOVE-PRO-TEMP are suitable. They comprise several layers, are cotton-free, oil-resistant and suitable for temperatures up to +200 °C. If the main priority is not only good protection against high temperatures but also protection against burrs and edges, the particularly cut-resistant gloves GLOVE-PRO-CUT are suitable. They comprise several layers, are oil-resistant and suitable for temperatures up to +250 °C. The gloves are non-flammable and are also heat-resistant even when damp. They are authorised in accordance with DIN EN 388 for mechanical influences and in accordance with DIN EN 407 for thermal influences.


Mounting paste

The mounting paste, facilitates the sliding of bearing rings and prevents stick/slip effects, scoring, wear and fretting corrosion. It also gives protection against corrosion.

The operating temperature range is between –30 °C and +150 °C.

The paste is resistant to water, water vapour and many alkaline and acidic media.


Anti-corrosion oil

This oil gives protection of bearings that have been unpacked. It also gives long term protection against corrosion of bright metallic surfaces, for example on devices and machinery, during storage indoors.

In general, it is not necessary to wash the anti-corrosion oil out of rolling bearings. It gives neutral behaviour towards conventional rolling bearing greases and oils.

The oil can be removed using alkaline solvents or neutral cleaning agents.


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