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Modern simulation and calculation programs

High costs are associated with the failure of a wind turbine. This means that all influencing factors must be considered in the best possible manner as early as the planning and design phase. The usual quasi-static calculation methods are therefore increasingly being complemented by a dynamic approach.

We use the most up-to-date simulation and calculation programs in order to ensure optimum product selection.

  • Simulation of the entire wind turbine with hybrid multibody simulation (MBS)
  • Rolling bearing simulation with CABA3D
  • Investigation of the rolling contact with Telos


Optimum bearing design with BEARINX®

BEARINX® is one of the leading programs for calculation and analysis – from a single rolling bearing right up to complex gear systems.

Amongst others, BEARINX® considers the following factors:

  • Non-linear elastic deflection behavior of the bearings
  • The deflection of shafts and axes
  • The deflection of housings and adjacent components
  • The operating clearance or the preload of the bearings
  • Roller and raceway profiling as well as raceway osculation
  • Actual contact pressure considering tilted and profiled rolling elements
  • The influence of lubricant conditions, contamination and actual contact pressure on the fatigue life.